Saturday, August 25, 2012

On The Side Of Love

I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word in reality.
Martin Luther King

The resurrection vindicates the way of Jesus. Those of us who commit to a lifestyle of humility, suffering service, forgiveness, generosity, compassion and a fierce, nonviolent confrontation with evil are on the right side of history. The future is on the side of Love and we will side with her, never giving up until the final hand has been played. A vocation of justice seeking and truth-telling is a gamble. It is risky and demanding. But it is never boring. Isn’t it kind of Weird that, just when fatigue and frustration set in, hope unveils a whole new set of circumstances?

Easter faith signals that the power of Love is stronger than the love of power. When we are on the side of Love, it will energize us with resiliency and creativity. Although we swim in a culture of anxiety and competition, we can muster the moral imagination and the pragmatic will to live with trust and tenderness. The craftiness and cunning of ruling elites has been overruled. We are lobbyists for the least of these. When those with privilege and prestige demonize and dehumanize, we rise up. We fear not because death will not have the final word. Not anymore.

Christian faith is only Real when Jesus has tangibly risen in the lives of his followers. Those who claim the name must have game. And the game is Love. And Love is gritty, disciplined, strategic and creative. Indeed, Love has an agenda. She obnoxiously advocates for other people. She has narcissistic amnesia. Love refuses to be served until everyone is fed. She lives simply and gives abundantly. Love turns off the screens so they can’t colonize her mind with trivia and titillation.

That stubbornly inexplicable open tomb haunts us with grace. The stone has been rolled away so that we will be amnestied to live Love out. We have been charged to bid farewell to guilt and shame. Like fear and anxiety, these twins lack the real capacity to energize us towards the healing of the world. Only when we’ve been graced upside the head we can let Love resurrect the deathly characters of our world: overcoming addiction & abuse, insecurity & injustice, hatred, apathy & arrogance, resentment & rape, disease & drones, poverty & pain.

So, here’s to divine surprises breaking out when we least expect them! Love plays peek-a-boo, and every so often, her face smiles in some of the most shocking places. Love is the answer, but she obnoxiously keeps us guessing and waiting. But if Love truly is the key that unlocks the door to ultimate Reality then it must be discovered, held and turned by active participants. She doesn’t just happen. We wake up every morning with new possibilities. So, expend your energy hunting & courting Love. Breathe her in and exhale her into a world yearning to be healed. At the end of the day, resurrection only reflects Reality when we live out this legacy of Love.

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