Saturday, November 12, 2011

Comments & Dialogue

Freedom is not worth having if it does not include the freedom to make mistakes.

As we have noted several times over the past two years, and as reader "Timmy T" pointed out last week, we are committed to dialoguing with just about everyone about the vital issues addressed on EasyYolk. However, over the past few months, EasyYolk has not responded in the comments section. Readers have posted some vulnerably shared questions, comments and concerns only to be given the silent treatment!

I apologize for this state of affairs. I've left a few of you hanging. The reason is quite simple: I've attempted over and over to write in the comments section, signing into my Google acount (as I have for the past couple of years), and Blogger simply refuses to allow me to post!

Perhaps the best way forward, and in my opinion a better space for dialogue, would be the use of my Facebook Wall (or if you want to keep it personal, Facebook Message me). Of course, I prefer face to face conversation over a dark beverage. When two human beings sit and sip gently and nonanxiously, sincerity is easily identified and dignity, humility and compassion is passed across the table. But this is often unrealistic due to geographic and time constraints. Thanks for your patience with this matter.

Much Love & Peace,
Tom Airey

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