Thursday, July 28, 2011


I thank you God for this most amazing day: for the leaping greenly spirits of trees and for a blue true dream of sky; and for everything which is natural which is infinite which is yes.
e.e. cummings

The only true joy on earth is to escape from the prison of our own false self, and enter by love into union with the Life Who dwells and sings within the essence of every creature and in the core of our own souls.
Thomas Merton

[Mindfulness] has to do with examining who we are, with questioning our view of the world and our place in it, and with cultivating some appreciation for the fullness of each moment we are alive.
Jon Kabat-Zinn

1. Today, I will resist being defined by what I accomplish.

2. Today, I will resist being defined by what others think of me (whether admiration or disapproval).

3. Today, my identity will be transformed by meditatively immersing myself in the unconditional Love of God (the Breath within the breath).

4. Today, I will pursue authenticity by being playful and letting my guard down.

5. Today, I will come out of hiding and pursue intimacy.

6. Today, I will resist the autopilot of my mind. I will be focused & present: awake, aware & alert.

7. Today, I will embrace a prophetic vocation: confronting & resisting systems that bring pain, anxiety, addiction, loneliness and unfulfilled longings…energizing the world with another Way characterized by compassion, service, love, simplicity, gentleness, cooperation and grace.

8. Today, when anxiety is triggered, I will resist the coping mechanisms that dehumanize me and my brothers and sisters: fight, flight, fusion or caretaking.

9. Today, I will resist allowing fear and anger to continue their cycle of violence.

10. Today, I will be differentiated from & present with others.

11. Today, I will resist the magnetic lure of nationalism, sexism, consumerism & white privilege.

12. Today, I will be in solidarity with the marginalized & vulnerable.

13. Today, I will resist eating animal products, processed foods, anything grown with pesticides & plants "harvested" on factory farms.

14. Today, I will eat whole foods, produced locally and organically, brought to market by workers paid a living wage.

15. Today, I will resist the herd instinct & the quick fix.

16. Today, I will listen for understanding & make “I-statements” with gentleness.

17. Today, I will resist making decisions on the basis of my own economic self-interest, convenience or pain avoidance.

18. Today, I will join with God in a adventurous vocation of loving, creating, serving and healing.

19. Today, I will respect and learn from friends and neighbors from other (non)faith traditions.

20. Today, I will resist the temptation to purchase consumer goods to relieve stress and anxiety.

21. Today, I will seek and find God in nature & in the faces of my fellow human beings.

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