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Kill Switch: Fighting For Net Neutrality

The media is supposed to be the 4th Estate and should expose corruption in a democracy. But the sad irony is that the media industry has been corrupted and possesses no incentive to speak truth to power, because they are the power.
Chris Dollar

This post is from educator and EasyYolk conversation partner Chris Dollar, who has written a much needed script for a documentary on Net Neutrality. He's teamed with a couple of phenomenal filmmakers and they are raising funds on their trailer site to produce the documentary so they can educate the Western world on the horrific thought that corporations will continue to have more and more of a monopoly on our news sources...unless we do something now.

Everyone who reads EasyYolk knows we have a culture of corruption in Washington DC. So, why does the mainstream media ignore the massive amounts of corruption and collusion between massive corporations and big government? Simply put, the mainstream media has a lot to lose and nothing to gain in exposing these indiscretions. In fact, the largest media conglomerates in the United States, often referred to as the Big Six: General Electric, News Corp, Time Warner, Viacom, and CBS are amongst the most influential players in American Government and benefit substantially from their political connections.

One of the biggest corruptive practices in American Politics has been the merging of media conglomerates. The Big Six have gotten so big in the past 30 years, that now the vast majority of what most Americans see, hear, or read has either been produced in their film studios, broadcast on their television stations, printed in their magazines, heard on their radio stations, transported through their broadband, or read on their websites.

Unfortunately, it is not in the interest of the Big Six to spend any time discussing the moral hazards of these media mergers, so they continue to get bigger and dominate more markets. One of the most egregious examples of late was the approval of the merger between Comcast and NBC-Universal (owned by GE). There were warnings from numerous consumer rights groups and academics warning about the dangers of having the largest producer of content in the nation merging with the largest cable and Internet Service provider in the United States. It was seen as business as usual when Meredith Baker, the former FCC commissioner largely responsible for approving and attempting to expedite the merger between NBC and Comcast resigned from her government regulatory position four months later to join Comcast as Senior Vice President of the Washington office. But this is just the tip of the iceberg.

One of the biggest forms of corruption in modern American Government is the relationship between Government and Corporation. We have seen the collusion between Big Government and Big Industry in every regulatory agency in the United States Government; top government officials routinely cash out to become executives at the agencies they were “regulating” in the first place. Then, after making millions in the private sector, they go back to “regulating” their buddies again. It’s often very difficult to determine the difference between the government and the corporation – they have done such a good job merging and scratching each others back.

The political corruption and blending between government and the Media Industry, however, is what is most detrimental to a functioning democracy. The media is supposed to be the 4th Estate and should expose corruption in a democracy. But the sad irony is that the media industry has been corrupted and possesses no incentive to speak truth to power, because they are the power.

Which brings me to my key point, if you are reading this right now, you probably already know this. I am preaching to the choir. But there are nearly 300 million Americans who have no clue about anything I just wrote about. That must change! The best way to do that is through education and awareness. The written word alone cannot reach the entire nation. We must speak the language of the people, which is television and film. Unfortunately, as you know, the Big Six are the gate keepers to these industries. But that doesn’t have to be the case. With crowd-funding, we can turn this hierarchy upside down and give the language back to the people. I, along with many of my friends and a film production company called Akorn Entertainmnet, are trying to do just that. It is an ambitious undertaking, but already well underway. The full length documentary film that aims to expose the widespread political corruption between the media industry and government is called #KillSwitch. Learn how to become involved in this project by clicking on the “read more” link or going to our link below:

View the trailer for Kill Switch HERE...and contribute NOW!!!!

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