Thursday, March 4, 2010

Some Random Thoughts on a Random Thursday

• Christianity is a belief-system way-of-life.

• We seek to view the world through the perspective of those in power on the periphery, fighting for justice, compassion and peace for the status quo all those in catastrophic conditions.

• Jesus’ death satisfied an angry God was (and is) an end to all scapegoating, the embodiment of the self-donating love of God, the ultimate unveiling of the evil and corruption of the idolatrous powers-that-be and the pattern of humble service and suffering love that his disciples continue to live out today.

• The Bible is an inerrant textbook of timeless truths the authoritative script that disciples interpret and perform with consistency and innovation.

Reading Interpreting the Bible leads to a discovery of objective multi-layered truth that is universal and self-evident saturates us with absolute certainty wonder, humility and a strategy for rugged Christian faithfulness.

• The gospel is the message about how we can get saved and go to heaven when we die that the long-awaited reign of God has been inaugurated in Jesus of Nazareth: come, and participate in the Adventure!

• When Jesus told Pilate that his kingdom was “not of this world” he meant that it was spiritual, within our hearts a different kind of politics altogether: serving, not dominating…loving, not vengeful…abundant sharing, not hoarding.

• When Jesus told the scribes and Pharisees to “render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s and God what is God’s” he was legitimating separate political and spiritual spheres in our lives subversively reminding his fellow Jews to submit their entire lives to the God who has authority over all creation…even Caesar!

• When Paul used the language of the “principalities and powers” he was referring to invisible spiritual beings, like demons, who tempt us systems, institutions and structures that have been ordained by God to organize our world, but have been corrupted, enslaved and de-humanize and counterfeit us.

• We want to participate in a church that is a place where saved people attend to be inspired and refreshed by “expert” pastors who lead the community in sermon, fellowship and worship music counter-cultural laboratory of disciples that creatively experiment in the way of Jesus.

• We observe that American Christians are increasingly persecuted by “secular humanists,” “liberals” and atheists who conspire against America’s roots as a Christian nation influenced by conservative media outlets and some of their own leaders who use fear and manipulation to serve their own agendas.

• We love the USA and believe that our democracy is threatened by creeping European-style socialism, Muslims, the gay agenda and God-denying intellectualism de-regulated corporate power and greed, self-interested wars and military adventures, an arrogant tendency to consider ourselves better than every other country that ever existed, a technological and consumerist entertainment culture and an ever-widening gap between the haves and the have-nots.

• We believe that all Americans every human being, including suspected terrorists, deserve the dignity of Constitutional rights.

• We are pro-life, advocating and working tirelessly for the criminalization of abortion and stem-cell research a massive reduction of abortions, the elimination of war and death sentences, and the availability of jobs, education, food and housing for all.

-Theological Autopilot

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  1. Since I'm new to this blog, it's not clear to me who the "we" are. Who are we? Who are you?

    I agree with, and am inspired by so many of these gems that I want to be part of the we. Many of these declarations are self-contained truths that need no further elaboration.

    I particularly like one about how every human being deserves the dignity of American constitutional rights.

    I also really like the emphasis on church as a counter-cultural laboratory.

    When I read these, I want to be part of the we.

    On the other hand, I don't always want to be part of the we. "De-regulated corporate power and greed" threatens democracy? For every example of de-regulated corporate power and greed that threatens democracy we can find 10 more examples of REGULATED corporate power and greed that threaten democracy even more greatly.

    This seems like a non-sequitur in an otherwise great post.