Wednesday, January 13, 2010

This Week

Here are some things for prophetic Christians to think about, read about, dialogue about and pray about this week:

1. Haiti--last night Haitians suffered a catastrophic 7.0 earthquake. Their buildings are shackled together without rebar, causing a horrific scene. In the days to come, we will see and read about the tens of thousands dying and the need to donate money, time and resources. Those of us with means should, but let us not forget to research all the unjust US policies that have directly granted Haiti the infamous title even before the quake: 'The poorest country in the Western Hemisphere.' That story must be told. We must respond with lament and a strong advocacy for real change in the way the US government and multi-national corporations operate in the Third World.

2. Banks and Corporations--storyline after storyline continues to unveil who has all the power in the US. The health care and financial industries are reporting huge profits in the wake of congressional legislation. The monstrosity that will emerge from conference committee that Democrats are calling 'reform' includes an individual mandate for ALL Americans to be insured without a public option. This means that the health care industry will get 46 million new customers without competitive accountability. Bill Moyers' interview with Matt Taibai and Robert Kuttner is very illuminating. Also, check out the recently released DVD documentary American Casino

3. Everyday people--the lower and middle classes are really suffering. Check out this well-documented summary of the US [compiled in November '09--things have gotten worse since].

4. Gays and Lesbians--this week a federal court is hearing testimony on the controversial CA Proposition 8. The LA Times blog is covering it well--a lot of interesting science and history of homosexuality and marriage. Newsweek has 6 pages devoted to making a conservative case for the legalization of same-sex marriage by Bush attorney Ted Olson.

5. Human Trafficking--lo and behold, there are tens of thousands of slaves in the OC! EasyYolk is heading over to St. Andrews Church in Newport Beach tonight for a viewing of International Justice Mission's new film At The End of Slavery.

6. Immigration Reform--we need to demand reform for our undocumented brothers and sisters, working in the US without any rights. Amnesty will give dignity to millions of these invisible workers and will aid in our economic recovery. Let's call, write and email our senators and congressional represenative now! We need to be the voice for the voiceless...

--Theological Autopilot

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