Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Prayer for Virtue

Virtues are 'skills for living.' They enable us to practice a way-of-life that works for peace, compassion and justice in a world of violence, competition and oppression. The Kingdom of God yearns for participants who live with the discipline to form patience, presence, humility and empathy.

A Prayer for EasyYolk Virtues
Grant us patience to wait for transformation.
Mustard seeds, yeast in the bread, a poor woman’s coin.
You give us grace in our weakness, struggle and rebellion.
Empower me to extend this to others and long for you to ‘Come, Lord Jesus.’

Still my heart and mind so that I may embrace presence
Instead of private planning and fearful fretting.
Past and future I cannot control.
Resurrected One, focus me to shower dignity on all God’s children.

Clothe me in humility to transform my naked arrogance.
Yearning to be admired and legitimated in a competitive world.
Nazareth, wilderness, crucifixion are the mysterious signs of our Lord.
Crucified One, energize me into Your pattern: the cross comes before the crown.

No need to be noticed, but the empathy that burns my bowels.
Good Samaritan, running father, sheep without a shepherd.
Listening, lamenting and loving those who are the least.
God of the widow and orphan, shatter these systemic cycles of injustice and pain. Amen.

--Theological Autopilot, Peet's Coffee Irvine. 01.17.2010


  1. Ahh... so this is your secret. These are the reasons I love you.

  2. Tom, did you write these? These are beautiful and reading them calmed my soul. They are such a window into who you are, and Lindsay couldn't have put it better... thanks for sharing "your secret."