Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Practicality of Feminism

I don't support Feminism and Female Empowerment for some abstract intellectual, theoretical, or critical theory reason. It is because of the enormous social benefits coupled with a sense of empathy. I would not want to live oppressed, so I should not want others to.

The best and most effective way of improving infant mortality, decreasing birthrate, and improving many of our most dire social conditions is by educating woman and increasing female literacy. It's quite literally that simple. Educating and empowering women seems to be some sort of magical elixir for a community. Statistically speaking empowering men, especially financially, only tends to increase alcohol consumption, prostitution, violence, and drug abuse.

There is an African proverb, "Educate a man, educate an individual. Educate a woman, educate a whole village."

Also in a self-serving way, for me to be happiest as a man is to be involved with empowered women who don't act weak, needy, and co-dependent as is typically encouraged for women to act, (lest they be labeled a "bitch" and a MYRIAD of other negative labels).

The Codex Maledictorum describes how to spot a "witch". She will be knowledgeable about herbal medicine, will live alone, not be married, and may often openly and brazenly speak out critically of priests, politicians, and other elites. Women who exhibited such characteristics were violently purged from European society, often by burning at the stake (which was done in order to "purify" their soul so it could go to heaven!!), which led to the loss of not only their knowledge but their lifestyle which was one of the few spaces outside of the patriarchal hegemony of Europe at that time.

Awareness of this history is what compels Neo-Pagans to add feminist imaginations and female-centered spirituality as fundamental aspects of their practices.

Feminism has practical benefits for everyone. It is not just theory or political correctness, but has very real-world effects that are far-reaching.

--The Brain Demon

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