Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christian Semantics: Catholic Vs. Protestants

In the worlds in which I circulate most often one hears the question, "Are you Christian or Catholic?" "No, I'm Protestant."

This is interesting to point out for a number of reasons. On the surface is the obvious criticism that it is ignorant of the semantics of the identifying terms. But in addition there seems to underlie a disturbingly a-historical mentality that would be required to miss such an important part of our social, political, and religious development not only in this country but also dating back to European origins.

Most importantly, it seems contradictory that those who profess such devotion to their religion would purport to worship and commit themselves to that which they can't even properly label! If one can't even do that, I have to be suspicious that they would then suddenly be extremely knowledgeable about the content of what it is they say they believe.

Such ignorance, lack of curiosity, and ahistorical orientation leaves a believer too vulnerable to the dictates of their pastor or other mental masters. As human adults, we need to be critical and think for ourselves and not just adopt what our planners would decide we would think about the world and ourselves. The beginning of this is to cultivate an intellectual curiosity rather than a sheepish or slave mentality that just merely adopts what we're spoon-fed.

--The Brain Demon

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