Saturday, December 26, 2009

A Campaign for 2010

EasyYolk is committed to a 'spiritual activism' that transcends the me-centered personal piety and individual salvation that dominated the fundamentalist Christianity of our youth. One of our foundational convictions is that the Jesus of the Gospels was crucified because of his spiritual activism and that he called his disciples (then and now) to deny themselves and follow his model of activism which, of course, led them to take up the cross as well. His ministry and teachings were filled with political practices like healing on the sabbath, sharing table-fellowship with social outcasts, protesting unjust economic practices of the Temple, offering forgivenes to people, publicly associating with women and condemning the unfair taxation and confiscation of property of poor peasants. In Christ, God is inaugurating 'a whole new world' (II Corinthians 5:17) of redemption and reconciliation that we participate in each day and in all sorts of ways. After all, as John Howard Yoder wrote, Christians are those who 'do ordinary things differently.'

One of our goals in 2010 is to mobilize a network of progressive and prophetic Christians working for peace, justice and dignity for all human beings living in the American Empire and all over the world. This is a movement rooted in Martin Luther King's call for 'a true revolution of values' more than 40 years ago. That revolution has survived in small pockets of radical disciples here and there. It is a vision of a grassroots revolution from the bottom up. Or to use Jesus' analogy, like a mustard seed, virtually invisible now, but growing into a tree of justice large enough for all to perch on.

In theory, in a democracy, the people should have the power to transform policies that continue to oppress the poor and marginalized ones. In reality, however, corporations and other special interest groups have bogarted this power and the people find themselves shackled by apathy, cynacism and, most of all, impotence. We see the mustard seed and doubt its growth potential. Take the words of journalist Glenn Greenwald in a recent interview with Bill Moyers:

...there gets to be a point where citizens look at the government, and they look at both political parties, and they conclude that the system itself is so radically corrupt and the political parties are so fundamentally nonresponsive that no matter what it is that they do, they aren't going to be able to achieve any change. They feel a sense of learned helplessness. And they essentially accept whatever it is that's done to them and simply hope that it's not too bad. And I think that's the population. It's not that they're apathetic. It's that they've come to believe in their own impotence.

We Christians worship a God who raises the dead. Faith is proclaiming that God is more powerful than the corrupt parties that control our political system and the learned helplessness that plagues the populace. We must not bow to the money corporations throw at our leaders (the health insurance industry has spent more than $300 million to fight health care reform this year), but instead take up the mantle of being 'lobbyists for the least of these.'

In 2010, EasyYolk is committing to a postcard-writing campaign that reflects the prophetic imagination of Jesus of Nazareth to the powers-that-be in Washington DC. We are calling, urging, beckoning others like you to join us by writing to Obama and our representatives in Congress. Our voice must be heard. We cannot be silent in the presence of injustice and oppression. Each month, we will focus on an issue that plagues 'the least of these' in our world. The status quo is not acceptable for the homeless, the hungry, the unhealthy and the undocumented.

Our prophetic twist will be the creativity of our postcards. Let's make postcards out of our trash! I've already cut up about a dozen postcards out of old boxes in my cupboard: Honey Bunches of Oats, Macaroni-&-Cheese, Cliff Bars and, yes, Kashi Go-Lean Crunch! We can worship and serve our God by transforming trash into redemptive sermons to our political leaders. As we write, we will diffuse the impotence that this society counterfeits us with. Truly, we become more and more transformed into the image of Christ as we participate in practices of spiritual activism like this.

What if we could mobilize a thousand (or a million) of these cardboard-cut-out-constructively-critical-commercials sent multiple times each month by progressive Christians who care enough to take the time to imagine a new world and creatively work for it? So start cutting up your cupboard (max postcard size is 6in x 4.25in), buy some postcard stamps for $.28 each, spread the word to fellow followers of Jesus (and anyone else longing for justice) and click on EasyYolk on New Years Day as we kick off a writing campaign for a new world. If you want to commit to our campaign and if you have any ideas to make this campaign more successful or subversive, email us at

Obama's address:
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

Click here to find the addresses of your Congresswoman and Senators

--Theological Autopilot

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  1. Yes! This is a great idea! I can't wait to kick off the new year with this creative campaign for a new world... love it! Let's get started!