Tuesday, November 17, 2009

"I'm a Good Person"

This is easily one of the most uttered phrases in our society, so much so, that we wouldn't even think anything of it, it is invisible to us- like water to a fish. This is the way dominance works, that it is so pervasive, yet so common, as to not be noticeable.

Try the experiment yourself. Observe basically any and every conversation you have about a person's behavior, actions, intentions in any given situation. If any sort of tension, challenge, or critique develops, then the interlocutor will inevitable need to end the conversation, break the tension with, "but I'm a good person though." Because that's what matters. Not what we do or don't do, just whether we're in the end a good person or not. And this seems to be exclusively to be determined by that person itself, if given or not given, anyone else's opinion is rejected or dismissed, otherwise this will lead to fisticuffs or worse... them's fightin' words!!

We can trace this to Christian notions of a pure internal goodness. It was this status that got us into heaven or not. And this pure interiority is a secret place that only god knows the status of, not an outsider. This became linked to our "confession" of faith, whether we identify as a Catholic or a Protestant. The answer to which was literally a matter of life and death. (Of course, not being either: a pagan, a heretic, or a heathen also was a death or torture situation).

This theological confession of our pure, internal goodness is what leads us to such trite, yet ubiquitous pronouncements of, "I'm a good person!"

--The Brain Demon

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