Monday, November 9, 2009

Controlling Female Sexuality

Wealth and inheritance makes controlling a woman's sexuality important, to ensure parentage.

In order for a man with a legacy of wealth (whether a flock, "hard" assets such as gems & real estate, or "soft" assets like Money, aka fiat) to leave behind his son (patrilineal) his legacy, he must reliable know that it IS his son. Thus, it became very important when human societies changed from matrilineal ones to patrilineal, to assure the father's parentage.

Amongst Bonobos Chimpanzees, a sub-species of Chimps often called "Pygmy" Chimpanzees, well considered considerably "smarter" than regular Chimps, have a radically different social organization than regular Chimps. For example, Chimp societies have been documented committing murder, cannibalism, and "wars" or gang fights. However, Bonobos engages in what's termed "selective female promiscuity" where a female in heat is literally surrounded by male Bonobos, and she selectively mates with whichever she wants. Social bonding is created by "loving" relations as opposed to power based ones.

There is increasing evidence that our earliest human societies were clustered around women, who's fecundity was the assurance of our survival. During our earliest history human sexuality was celebrated, worshipped and even fetishezed. Only very recently have societies come to be male-dominated, patriarchal, and patrilineal, and an inevitable rise in violence against woman and their relative participation and freedom. This is even more true that whenever a Judeo-Christian religion (Judaism, Islam, or Christianity) enters an area, all of these social indicators of women are negatively affected-- almost as a rule.

In remote areas of China and India that still have matrilineal societies "Where a Woman Rules the House", their sexual mores are quite alien to our male dominated imaginations. A woman chooses to mate with whom she mates, has children with whom she chooses. It becomes her brother's responsibility to look after her children, while the father merely comes by to drop off gifts and otherwise spoil the child. Women work the fields and own the assets. Men mainly sit around in leisure! In such societies women are empowered, meaning that women do not suffer from "low self-esteem," are outspoken, act independently, and have free agency to dictate their own lives. In such societies we would not expect, for example, that almost every single young girl would develop an eating disorder to fit a male-dominated standard. In such a culture, there is a lack of male jealousy, so women do not live in constant anxiety of living her life to try to avoid being murdered by jealous lovers who see them as one of their "possessions"!

This gets us to the issue of so-called "honor killings." Now you may be wondering what honor has to do with killings, but like "religion" it only rarely and marginally brings out the heroic and courageous in men, but instead the cowardly, the weak, the hysterical, the insecure, and certainly and statistically the most heinous and extreme forms of violence.

Rana Husseini in her book Murder in the Name of Honor, details that this violence against women cuts across religions and cultural groups. It is a global problem, a pandemic. It can even be justified in many courts of law that a sister who was raped by her brother had "seduced" him and so brought shame upon the family, "tainting the family honor."

A mentor once told me, "A man fears that one day, a woman will laugh at him. A woman fears that one day, a man will kill her." This reality is a CULTURAL one, it has nothing to do with "human nature" which is often presented as an excuse for the most atrocious of behaviors. In culture's where patrilineage is not economically, politically, and socially significant, then violence against women seems to not be the kind of pandemic it is in our society.

--The Brain Demon

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