Thursday, October 22, 2009

Yoke and Yoga - Linking Myself to the Divine

Etymologically, the English word "yoke" is related to the Sanskrit term "yoga." Today, in the West we associate "Yoga" with postures or "asanas" from Hatha Yoga. But in fact "Hatha" means "violence." Yoga simply means to "yoke" yourself to the Divine WITHOUT any religious intermediaries, that through our own personal effort and meditation, we can create a direct connection to it with any "permission" or "power" reserved to some religious authority (such as a priest).

Jesus mentioned that his burden is light and his yoke is easy. Jesus reserved his most venomous criticism for the religious establishment and authorities of his day, whom he accused of hypocrisy. Today, Christianity has been hijacked by a new religious establishment often referred to as Evangelical Christians, or "Born-Agains". It is my mission to reclaim our heritage from the religious hypocrites of our day, the so-called Religious Right or the ironically named Moral Majority.

We like our eggs over easy.

-- The Brain Demon

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