Sunday, October 25, 2009

Was Jesus a Socialist?!

I just watched the Danny Boyle film "Millions" (he directed Slumdog Millionaire and Trainspotting)

In the film, some kid finds a sack of stolen money but thinks it's from God, as he's continually visited by saints from heaven. Therefore, the boy begins contemplating what GOD would want him to do with the money, so he begins to think how he can help the poor.

At this point in the film, as different characters are displaying different reactions as to how to act given so much "free" cash (generally all varieties of self-serving behavior), St. Peter visits our main character and tells him the story of the feeding of the multitudes ("It wasn't 5000 like everyone thinks it was!" he claims).

His version of events is truly fascinating as he gives it a really interesting socialist spin:

A boy hands Jesus a sardine and a loaf of bread. Jesus looks at it and hands it off to the next person. The next person doesn't eat any of it, because he's got some lamb in his pocket! So he secretly pinches off a bit of the lamb and passes it on. It turns out EVERYONE there has brought some of their own food but was hiding it from everyone else. Then something amazing happened, as the plate went around everyone had placed some of their own food on the plate! In a way it was like a miracle.

An obvious metaphor for socialism, clearly done within a Christian moral framework (obvious enough for Christianity Today to do an interview with Danny Boyle, click on link above)...

--The Brain Demon

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